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Tulsa Personal Injury LawyerOklahoma Injury Law Why Do Tulsa Auto Accident Lawyers Usually Settle Cases Out of Court?

Tulsa auto accident lawyersIt is true. Most Oklahoma personal injury lawsuits settle out of court.

There are significant advantages to settling a lawsuit before trial. If a matter settles before trial, it often takes less time, less money, and less stress for Tulsa auto accident lawyers and their clients.

Litigation can be expensive and stressful. As you move into trial, costs can begin to escalate. Deposition fees, court reporter fees, and expert witness costs add up during a trial.

Litigation can also be stressful. It can be nerve-wracking to have to submit to cross-examination on the witness stand in a courtroom. Tulsa auto accident lawyers act as buffers for a great deal of the litigation, protecting their clients and working for the best possible outcome for their clients.

Still, the experience of either suing someone or being sued can hang over your head until the matter is resolved. Thus, some litigants choose to settle before a case moves to trial.

Why Do Cases Settle Out of Court?

Insurance companies hate to part with money. But sometimes, they have to.

If it is clear that their insured is culpable, whether from a traffic accident or some other form of negligence, your attorney may persuade the insurance company that it will be wiser and cheaper for them to resolve the matter outside of trial. Just as costs escalate for a plaintiff, so do they escalate for a defendant as you move closer to an Oklahoma personal injury case trial.

How Tulsa Auto Accident Lawyers Can Help You

Tulsa auto accident lawyers work hard to help the defendant’s insurance company really see, understand, and appreciate their insured’s liability, and the injuries that you have suffered.

Often, once the insurance company really understands the picture of your injuries in a way that a jury might, they will seek to resolve the claim for a known figure instead of risking an unknown jury award. This is particularly true when you are a sympathetic witness and the defendant is not.

Ultimately, the decision to settle or not rests with you, the client. However, your Tulsa personal injury attorney is experienced and knowledgeable regarding your case and its value.

Listen to your attorney. That is why you have hired him or her.

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