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  • Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer in Tulsa?

    A common question is, “do I need a personal injury lawyer in Tulsa?” Under Oklahoma law, a personal injury is bodily harm sustained through another person’s deliberate or negligent activities. Personal injuries could be caused by a motor vehicle accident, a physical assault, or a slip and fall at a home or business. Do I […]

  • How Can I Protect My Rights in Tulsa Personal Injury Claims?

    When people hear about Tulsa personal injury claims, they all too often think about motor vehicle collisions. While Oklahoma car accidents are a major cause of people seeking personal injury lawyers, there are plenty of other types of situations that could be eligible for Tulsa personal injury claims. What follows is some advice for those […]

  • How Does Pure Several Liability Affect Settlements in a Tulsa Truck Accident Claim

    In 2011, Oklahoma adopted a pure several liability approach for damages arising out of all civil actions excluding contracts. (Okla. Stat. tit. 23 § 15) The plaintiff has a much bigger job in bringing a multiparty claim in Oklahoma because of this statute. How does this affect you if you are a plaintiff trying to […]

  • Should I Settle My Claim Without the Help of a Tulsa Car Accident Attorney?

    When looking at the issue of whether to settle a claim with an insurance company without the benefit of the advice of a Tulsa car accident attorney, you want to make sure the claim is straightforward with little or no complicating factors involved. If the culpable party’s insurance company completely covers your property damages and […]

  • Why Do Tulsa Auto Accident Lawyers Usually Settle Cases Out of Court?

    It is true. Most Oklahoma personal injury lawsuits settle out of court. There are significant advantages to settling a lawsuit before trial. If a matter settles before trial, it often takes less time, less money, and less stress for Tulsa auto accident lawyers and their clients. Litigation can be expensive and stressful. As you move […]

  • What are the Benefits of Uninsured Motorist Oklahoma Coverage?

    All states now require that a driver of a motor vehicle carry a minimum of liability coverage for each motor vehicle driven. Insurance coverage is a way to protect yourself from risk in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This minimum requirement does not ensure that a driver will carry the requisite insurance, nor does it ensure that a […]

  • What Are the Steps in a Tulsa Auto Accident Injury Case?

    When involved in a Tulsa auto accident, there are several steps you need to take if you plan on making a claim for your injuries against the culpable party’s insurance company. Some of these steps are straightforward. Others require some attention and care and perhaps the attention of an experienced Oklahoma personal injury attorney. Treatment […]

  • Oklahoma General Motors Recalls Lawsuit Lawyers

    General Motors has a troubling history of faulty airbag deployment and faulty ignition switches. When GM emerged from bankruptcy in 2009, it was shielded from the debts and liabilities of its pre-bankruptcy state. The new GM was to have a new start. However, accidents began to occur in newer models. GM officials denied any problems, […]

  • When to Contact a Tulsa Lawyer About Takata Airbags

    We live in a world of manufactured products. From the moment we open our eyes until we close them at night, almost everything we see, touch, and use in our everyday life in Tulsa, Oklahoma is manufactured. Along with that comes the issue of product defects. When a product is defective for its intended purpose […]

  • Who Pays When Multiple Defendants are Liable in a Tulsa Truck Accident?

    Multiple defendant cases can be complex to resolve, especially those involving a Tulsa truck accident. In almost all multiple party cases in Oklahoma, the issue of fault and damages can be difficult to sort out. Consider a case in which multiple cars and multiple impacts are involved. Sometimes impacts happen as a chain reaction — […]

  • Do I Need to Pay in Advance to Hire a Tulsa Car Accident Lawyer?

    So you have been in a car accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Another car ran a stoplight and into you. You know you need a Tulsa car accident lawyer, but you just don’t have any savings socked away for legal fees right now. What should you do? Attorneys’ Fees Can be Paid in a Number of […]

  • Why Oklahoma Truck Accident Settlements Can Be More Than Car Crash Settlements

    There are lots of big trucks on the roads these days. Big rigs and large delivery trucks deliver goods to our stores, our homes and our workplaces. When an Oklahoma truck accident occurs in Tulsa, the impact can be severe. According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2012 nationwide, 3,921 people were […]

  • How Do I Recover for a Parent’s Nursing Home Injuries in Oklahoma?

    The most distressing time in your adult life is when an elderly parent can no longer care for him or herself and requires placement in a Tulsa, Oklahoma nursing care facility. Leaving a loved one in the care of total strangers is heartbreaking for everyone involved. Anyone whose parent has been the victim of abuse […]

  • Can I Recover for Injuries Resulting from a Driver’s Use of Google Glass in Oklahoma?

    Google Glass appears to be a normal pair of eyeglasses, but is actually a smartphone on an eyeglass frame.  The user can either touch the side of the frame to make selections or speak and voice activation will control the device. Due to distracted driving laws, using Google Glass while driving in Tulsa, Oklahoma may […]

  • Who Pays for My Injuries in a Company Vehicle Accident in Oklahoma?

    After an automobile accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, if the driver of the other car indicates that he is driving his employer’s vehicle, who do you contact to pay the medical bills for your personal injuries? The issue of who pays for injuries in a company vehicle accident in Oklahoma is somewhat complicated to navigate. Who […]

  • Can I Sue for Injuries Resulting from Sculptra Tulsa or Artefill Treatments for my Lips?

    Lip injections are very popular in Oklahoma right now, including Sculptra Tulsa and Artefill treatments. Many famous celebrities admit that cosmetic treatments have given them fuller and more sculpted lips that have greatly contributed to a signature look. Nevertheless, these cosmetic procedures frequently cause serious temporary and permanent injuries. Physicians do not always warn patients of possible […]

  • How Social Media Affects Court Cases in Oklahoma

    While social media has transformed the way Oklahomans communicate – there are also some negative aspects to using it, especially after you have initiated a Tulsa personal injury lawsuit. Thus, it is important to learn how social media affects court cases in Oklahoma. How Social Media Affects Court Cases If the defendant in your case […]

  • Can My Child Recover for Swimming Pool Injuries in Oklahoma?

    One of the most frightening situations a parent can face is when a child is injured during what was supposed to be a fun-filled day at the pool in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Even if a child is not killed in a near-drowning incident in a pool, permanent brain damage, memory problems, and/or learning disabilities may result […]

  • Tulsa Injury Lawyer: Can My Child Be Compensated For Injuries Received at Her Daycare?

    You trusted the teachers at your child’s daycare in Tulsa, Oklahoma to keep her safe while you worked your eight-hour shift.  However, the teachers failed to supervise her adequately, and now she is injured. What is your next step?  Can you file a claim? Is there anything a Tulsa injury lawyer can do to help you and […]

  • Can I Recover for Injuries from an Oklahoma Slip and Fall Due to Poor Lighting?

    An Oklahoma slip and fall personal injury case is not always as cut and dried as it might seem. For example, if you visit a store or business in Oklahoma, the owner of that store or business has a responsibility to warn you of any hidden conditions on that property from which you could be […]

  • What If My Insurance Company Won’t Respond After My Car Accident in Tulsa?

    While dealing with the emotional and physical shock of a car accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it is difficult to remember the necessary steps to document and report the accident. Initially, it is essential to seek medical attention; you do not want any serious injuries to escalate. Furthermore, it is necessary to procure a police report […]

  • Can I Be Compensated for My Child’s Injuries From a Defective Toy in Oklahoma?

    First of all, a Tulsa parent or guardian cannot be compensated for a child’s injuries caused by a defective toy in Oklahoma; however, a child can be compensated for his or her injuries. Defective Toy in Oklahoma Legal Facts In Oklahoma, a parent can file a civil suit on behalf of a child via a […]

  • Can I Be Compensated for Injuries Caused By Train Accidents in Oklahoma?

    We often think of the old-fashioned steam train as going the way of the horse-and-buggy as a method of transportation. However, trains are still used frequently, even in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a means to transport passengers and cargo from city to city. According to the Federal Railroad Administration’s Office of Safety Analysis, eight people were […]

  • Can My Child File an Oklahoma Birth Defects Lawsuit Over Prescription Drugs I Took During Pregnancy?

    An expectant mother relies upon the expertise of her attending physician when making the decision of whether or not to take prescription drugs for ailments while pregnant. However, if you relied upon the advice of your doctor or the claims of a pharmaceutical company that a drug was safe to take during pregnancy, and that […]

  • Learn More About Homeowners’ Rights Regarding Oklahoma Construction Injuries

    Home renovations are expensive and stressful; a contractor’s negligence which results in personal injuries to you can cost even more money and emotional strain than what you originally planned to expend during this time of upheaval in your home. If a contractor causes a dangerous condition within your home, and you are hurt, can you […]