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Tulsa Personal Injury LawyerOklahoma Injury Law Can I Recover for Injuries Resulting from a Driver’s Use of Google Glass in Oklahoma?

Google Glass in OklahomaGoogle Glass appears to be a normal pair of eyeglasses, but is actually a smartphone on an eyeglass frame.  The user can either touch the side of the frame to make selections or speak and voice activation will control the device.

Due to distracted driving laws, using Google Glass while driving in Tulsa, Oklahoma may be illegal.

Is Driving Safe With Google Glass?

Car manufacturers such as Hyundai were planning to offer an app to use Google Glass with at least one of their 2015 models.  The designers of Google Glass actually intended that the device could be worn while one was driving, activating apps such as Google Maps hands-free.

However, some states legislatures responded to the unveiling of Google Glass by introducing bills that banned use of the device while driving.

The concerns of the state legislatures that have introduced these bills are not without justification.  The accidents and fatalities associated with texting while driving is on the rise.  In 2013 alone, devices such as smart phones caused 14 fatal automobile crashes in Oklahoma and 602 accidents involving non-fatal injuries.

Oklahoma’s Texting and Distracted Driving Laws

As of November 1, 2015, a new law in Oklahoma made it illegal to text while driving.  What if a driver uses Google Glass in Oklahoma while driving?  Is that a violation of Oklahoma traffic laws?

Most likely not, since Google Glass is not a hand-held electronic device and one does not text messages to and from it. However, under Oklahoma’s distracted driving law, which is already in existence, activities that affect one’s driving and make him a danger to others on the road are a violation of Oklahoma traffic laws.

Therefore, if a driver wearing Google Glass distractively drives, breaching his duty of care to drive as a reasonable person and subsequently causes an accident in which you are injured, you may be entitled to compensation.

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