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Tulsa Personal Injury LawyerOklahoma Injury Law Can I Recover for Injuries from an Oklahoma Slip and Fall Due to Poor Lighting?

Oklahoma slip and fallAn Oklahoma slip and fall personal injury case is not always as cut and dried as it might seem.

For example, if you visit a store or business in Oklahoma, the owner of that store or business has a responsibility to warn you of any hidden conditions on that property from which you could be harmed; property owners have no responsibility to warn you about dangerous conditions that you can easily discern for yourself.

FAQ: Oklahoma Slip and Fall Laws

Let’s examine another example of the complexity of Oklahoma slip and fall laws.

If your friend Joe invites you over for a few beers, and he fails to warn you that there is a giant gaping hole inside the doorway to his bathroom, he will be liable when you walk through the bathroom, fall into the hole, and break your leg.

Unless the hole in your friend’s floor was so obvious or you had reason to know of it, Joe will be responsible for compensating you for your injuries for failing to uphold his duty to protect you from hidden dangers on his property.

What About Poor Lighting?

Poor lighting and Oklahoma slip and fall laws are a little different. The lighting itself is not a hidden danger, but it can obscure dangers on the property that may otherwise be open and obvious.

For example, a flight of stairs is not a hidden danger, but if the light bulb that illuminates the stairwell has burned out, then the stairwell may become a hidden hazard.

Likewise, clutter or other obstructions on the floor may be obvious under normal circumstances. However, if a store is poorly lit, such obstructions may quickly become hidden dangers to customers who are unaware of the situation.

If you believe that poor lighting – due to a burnt out light bulb or malfunctioning light fixture – was the cause of your Oklahoma slip and fall on someone else’s premises, then you may be able to recover for your injuries.

A property owner has a duty under Oklahoma law to maintain proper lighting so that you can perceive open and obvious dangers on his premises. The failure to maintain proper lighting is a breach of the property owner’s duty of care. Therefore, if your injuries stem from his breach of duty, then you may be entitled to compensation under Oklahoma slip and fall laws.

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