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Tulsa Personal Injury LawyerOklahoma Injury Law What If My Insurance Company Won’t Respond After My Car Accident in Tulsa?

car accident in TulsaWhile dealing with the emotional and physical shock of a car accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma, it is difficult to remember the necessary steps to document and report the accident.

Initially, it is essential to seek medical attention; you do not want any serious injuries to escalate.

Furthermore, it is necessary to procure a police report to properly document the accident and to let the authorities determine who was at fault.

FAQ: Car Accident in Tulsa

Your third step after a car accident in Tulsa should be to call your insurance company and report the accident.  You must do this as soon as possible after the accident occurs, even if you are not at fault.

If the other driver is uninsured and you have paid for uninsured motorist coverage through your insurance company, you will need to establish a claim under this coverage.

There may also be other claims that you must establish at this time, e.g., rental car insurance.

What If the Insurance Company Won’t Respond?

Occasionally, however, an insured party’s attempts to reach his or her insurance company in Oklahoma are futile and an insurance company will not respond.  The insured may leave voice mails or even leave preliminary details with a claims representative but never receive a response of any substance from the company.  Meanwhile, the insured begins to accumulate medical bills for personal injuries obtained during the accident.

In these situations, a qualified Tulsa personal injury attorney can help. Before taking that step, it is advisable to gather the following documentation:  a copy of your insurance card, evidence of payments to your insurance company for the last 12 months, and a copy of your Oklahoma auto insurance policy.

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