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Tulsa swimming pool accidents attorneySwimming pools are fun and exciting to own. They provide a great way to relax during the heat of summer, a good way to keep the kids occupied, and a nice setting for entertaining guests. However, every pool owner knows there is some risk involved in pool ownership and a measure of liability that comes with that risk. A pool owner shouldn’t need the advice of a personal injury attorney to recognize common-sense safety procedures, such supervising children, inexperienced swimmers, or drunken adults invited to the pool who may create hazards for themselves and others.

While swimming pools can be lots of fun, they also present a degree of danger. From cuts and bruises to slips and falls, near drowning, and drowning, swimming pools can be risky, especially if children or guests are left unattended, alcohol is involved, the pool is used unbeknownst to the owner, or a freak accident happens to occur. When you or a family member are injured in a swimming pool accident in Tulsa, Oklahoma that resulted from someone else’s carelessness or neglect, contact a Tulsa swimming pool accidents attorney to find out if you may be entitled to compensation.

Swimming Pool Owner Responsibility

Pool owners have a responsibility to maintain their pools and the area around it to reduce the risk of injury, They also have the responsibility to look after any children or guests using their pool, providing supervision, lifesaving equipment (poles, ropes, flotation devices, etc.), and if they are unable to provide a lifeguard, should be able to swim and have knowledge of CPR. A responsible adult, preferable someone with ownership rights to the pool, should always be present to monitor anyone using the pool in order to avoid risks and to react in a timely manner should an unfortunate accident occur. Unfortunately, many swimming pool owners are very lax about this, leaving far too much room for danger, and often surprised when someone gets hurt or dies and they are held liable.

Public Swimming Pools

Pool danger is not limited to private backyards. Gyms, community centers, schools, amusement parks, apartment complexes, hotels and motels, cities, and many other places maintain pools for resident, guest, and public use. And these pools are just as likely to present some danger. From poor maintenance to lifeguard negligence to no lifeguard on duty and many other causes of unfortunate accidents, all pools present some level of danger, and all owners, rather a private person, a large company, or a municipality, face liability when tragic accidents or fatalities occur on their property.

Swimming Pool Safety

All public swimming pools and those reserved for use by residents and guests of certain establishments must adhere to strict guidelines set forth by the government. Unfortunately, some of these places are lax when it comes to following these guidelines, only being cited for it when an accident or inspection occurs. Private pool owners are not subject to the same strict regulations. There are general laws they must follow, but no one comes to their homes for inspections or enforcement of laws. In fact, most of the guidelines for private owners to follow fall into the categories of strong recommendations and common sense.

The bottom line, however, is that no matter what laws or ideals govern swimming pool ownership, failure to adhere to these rules or to follow the common sense guidelines of pool safety can result in tragic consequences. When swimming pool owners fail to follow basic safety guidelines and you or a loved one gets hurt, contact a Tulsa swimming pool accidents attorney to find out if you may be entitled to compensation.

Whether someone is seriously injured at or in a pool, nearly drowns, or drowns, life for the victim and/or their family can quickly change with lasting results. Serious injuries often require much medical care and rehabilitative therapy. In many cases, serious injuries and near drowning lead to long-term disability, preventing the victim from doing what they could do before, requiring assistive care, and more. And for those who have lost a loved one to drowning, the grief and expenses can become overwhelming. In cases such as these, the victims and their families deserve and have the right to seek compensation for their medical expenses, funeral and burial expenses, the loss and grief, and more. One cannot own a swimming pool and then shirk the responsibility for events that occur when their property is in use.

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If you or a loved one has been injured or died in a swimming pool accident, a qualified Tulsa accident attorney can help you to understand your rights and pursue your legal options. Pool owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of their pools and their guests. Any failure to do so can result in some level of liability. You have the option to recover damages for your injury, expense, and/or loss. The knowledgeable attorneys at T\ Tulsa Personal Injury Law Office understand your situation and are eager to help you to proceed with your case. For assistance and a free, confidential case evaluation, give us a call today at (918) 924-5528, toll free at (888) 447-7262 or you can send us a quick message using the form on the right side of this page.