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Tulsa animal attacks attorneyThe need for legal counsel is often unexpected. While some businesses require ongoing legal counsel, the average person has no need for this and is often caught off-guard by the need to seek attorney assistance. This is seldom so true as in the case of accidents and animal attacks. Few people wake up in the morning even thinking they will be in an accident or encounter a vicious animal, yet these events happen nearly every day.

Animal attacks can occur in the wild or at zoos and animal sanctuaries, but it is much more common for people to find themselves facing off with an animal they thought was someone’s tame and trained pet. Despite news stories on the matter, most people rarely think of pets in any context other than sweet, loving companions, vicious only in defense of their humans.

Common domestic animals and tame wild species can still react out of instinct and even fear. They sometimes turn on people with no provocation, leaving the victims and their loved ones devastated.

The news has been full of accounts in recent years of adults and helpless children attacked by their own beloved pets and by other people’s pets. A qualified Tulsa animal attacks attorney can help you to understand the laws affecting your case and how to proceed with legal action.

Oklahoma Law: Animal Attacks

Oklahoma takes animal attacks seriously. Because of this, there are several applicable laws to protect victims. In many cases, pet owners — or the party responsible for the animal if it is not exactly a pet — can be held strictly liable for injuries or death caused by an animal attack. Your best course of action, if you or a loved one has been attacked, is to gather evidence right away.

If you or someone you know has been injured in an animal attack, take photos, obtain witness statements and contact information, and get copies of your medical records and related expenses. You may need to presentevidence in court in order to prove you or your loved one was the victim of an animal attack.

Other evidence regarding the animal’ care, temperament, and history may also be necessary. Persuasive evidence is the key to ensuring the responsible party is held liable, compensating you so that you alone do not have to shoulder the hardships caused by the attack.

Facts About Animal Attacks

  • Dog bites and attacks are the most common animal attacks, although other animals are known to be just as vicious
  • 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs annually
  • Nearly 1,000 Americans per day require emergency treatment for dog bites/attacks
  • Animal owners or caretakers may be liable for injuries or death caused by their animal(s), and the animal itself may be subject to euthanasia if a vicious nature can be proven.
  • Animal attack lawsuits are subject to a statute of limitations, so the collection of evidence and contact with a qualified Tulsa animal attacks attorney should take place as soon after the attack as possible.

Animal Attacks Aftermath

Animal attacks most often involve biting or mauling, which typical result in deep lacerations and visible scarring, as well as infections or the risk thereof. In addition, if the animal carries a disease, the risks increase, even with the precautionary measures available. It’s bad enough when an adult is attacked, as although death has occurred in such attacks, many adults are able to fight off the animal and walk away with only their injuries to show for it. Children, however, are smaller and nearly helpless to fight off aggressive animals.

In many cases, children are mauled to the point of disability, and far too often, a vicious pet has senselessly ended these innocent lives. Animal attacks lead to medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and even grief and funeral and burial expenses if a death occurs. Furthermore, survivors are often left permanently disabled or in need of rehabilitative care, and some even face the emotional scars of their attack in the form of PTSD.

Rarely is it the intention of a pet owner to raise a vicious animal capable of attacking another human being. Still, one takes this ever-present risk when choosing t o own a pet, and no matter how devastating such an occurrence is to the owner they are still typically responsible for their animal’s actions. Victims and their loved ones deserve justice and compensation. An experienced Tulsa personal injury attorney can explain your rights and help you to reap the benefits you need.

Free Consultation: Tulsa Animal Attacks Attorney

If you or a loved one has been the victim of an animal attack, you face a difficult journey through recovery and/or grief. While compensation cannot change your injury or loss, it can help to ease your burden and ensure that the responsible party shares in that burden. Let an experienced personal injury lawyer review your case and help you to understand the legal avenues available to you.

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